What if your idea could change the world

What we do is based upon the development of fantastic ideas. Through implementation and realization, we in turn realize the true value of your business.

pg40®  is a roll-up-your sleeves business and technology solutions company. We help clients convert high-stakes corporate operations and IT challenges into value and progress.

Our client base includes individual entrepreneurs, midsized companies and large corporations.

To innovate your business

Design Thinking

Breakthroughs may be born in the lab or boardroom, but they live or die in the marketplace – where people determine their real-world value through actual use. Cross-functional teams must know how to frame the right strategy moving forward and can be greatly assisted through modeling prototypes to test real-world use of the most pressing innovations.

Innovation Strategy

we‘ll help you build an approach to innovation which is right for you: radical or gradual? selective or comprehensive? product, process or market?


we‘ll bring innovation to life, not just in the form of standard solutions, but creative and surprising ones, which clearly detail how a product, an organization or a business model can work.

Ready to use pg40 Innovation Lab Solutions

Industrie 4.0

We are industrial specialists, for manufacturing and shop floor IT. Consequently we concentrate on best efficiencies and reduced plant and process down time.

Manufacturing will increasingly become a part of larger networked “horizontal” systems. We want our clients to become Industrie 4.0 manufacturing leaders by creating new types of smart applications and services.

Data science and medicine

Combining the brilliance of physicians with the analytical power of big data, diafyt processes hundreds of data sets including realt-time sensoric data to build actionable real-time information to predict current and future treatment options.

Predictive ordering

Before you even know it, your next German automobile will start being made. A system that allows an Automotive OEM to manufacture and deliver cars where it believes that the exact specifications will sell well. This new scheme will potentially cut delivery times down, and put their retailers ahead of its competition.

Wir sprechen Auto

Business Consulting

The Auto industry is our focus. Our expertise includes, among other areas, client-relations management, digital marketing, sales support and importer processes, outbound logistic, retail and car dealer ships.

Data Security

Together with our clients we created solutions to bring business security to a new level addressing current and future risks. And since the car will become a "thing" on internet, information security is one of our top priorities.

IT Solutions

Furthermore, our professionals have a great deal of experience with IT system architecture and IT organization consulting, not to mention project and program management.

We look forward to speaking with you

Our teams in Europe are eager to discuss potential business opportunities with you, answer any of your questions or simply to chat with you about the future of business and technology.

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The best way to predict the future is to invent it


Help us in changing how people run their businesses and deliver engagement in their physical space. In a collaborative environment we strive to create innovative products and services that provide value and improve people's lives.


We are seeking individuals with a consulting background who have already experienced management levels in the consulting organization and client side however willing to reinvent consulting.


We are looking for people that love solving challenging problems and want to build something truly innovative.